Monday, July 14, 2008


On Saturday, July 12, 2008, my oldest son married the love of his life in a beautiful outdoor ceremony, and then the happy couple left for a honeymoon in Prince Edward Island in Canada. Congratulations, Timothy and Sarah! May God bless you with wisdom and peace as you start your new life together.

My heart was full of joy and my eyes full of tears when my firstborn son stepped into place to await his bride. As Sarah and her father started down the grassy path towards my waiting son, I noticed the photographer's young daughter playing quietly off to the side. When the little girl saw the bride in her beautiful dress, she stood up and started her own slow walk through the grass keeping pace with Sarah as if she too were a bride on her way to the altar. It did not matter that she was barefooted and that her dress was wrinkled and smudged with dirt from her playing. In her mind, she was the radiant bride on her way to happily ever after. The innocence of the child struck a chord in my heart. She took no thought of the crowd of people who were watching her. She just lived for the moment from her heart. I saw then a picture of how Jesus wants us to live- fully involved in being who we were created to be in the present moment, but ready to go the instant the Bridegroom calls.

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