Thursday, July 17, 2008

Conspiracy Theory?

So, for those who haven't heard, after a rapid departure due to being exposed as a liar on national television, Todd Bentley is now coming back to the Lakeland meetings for more tall tales and fruitless fables. Before Todd left for his "sabbatical," I wondered if his prophetic apostolic friends had a different agenda in mind. (I know, this will probably sound like "Conspiracy Theory," one of my favorite movies.) But, I really had a feeling that these prophetic apostolic movers and shakers were setting Todd up for a fall. Their behavior at his coronation ceremony seemed too detached for them to really have Todd's best interests at heart. That he left the scene early was not on their agenda, so he is coming back to continue the scripted drama. My theory, for what it's worth, is that the afforementioned p.a.m.s. were letting Todd go extremely far out in the prophetic river to do and say outrageously ridiculous things that even the most naive person could see through, and then they were going to let him sink saying that he was in great error and would not listen to their correction. Of course, they would then be available to pick up the pieces and bring healing to the Body as those who were rooted, grounded and trustworthy in the prophetic, not inexperienced and power-hungry as Todd was. They would be able to offer a "real", deep experience in the "true" river of god and teach about the "authentic" mystical, spiritual, new encounters that god wants the church to come into. They would set themselves up as the ones who could really be trusted with the leadership of the church in the last days. They want to be seen as the knights in shining armor who will rescue the church from the deception of the enemy and lead her to victory and dominion over the world.

(Watch out for the wolves who know how to wear their sheepskin clothing without showing their slips.)

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