Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Survive the Coming Depression

Are you worried about the state of the economy in the U.S.? What should Christians do to prepare for a possible financial depression? Andrew Strom sent out the following email with a link to a message that he preached in November of 2007 concerning finances in the U.S. and God's coming judgment. Please take time to listen to this serious and timely message and PRAY!

Most of us know what has been taking place in the U.S financial world in the last 2 days. Lehman Brothers went bankrupt, Merrill Lynch was quickly sold to avoid a crisis, the US Stock market plunged 500 points in one day, and AIG and Washington Mutual look very shaky. If the slump wasn't already bad enough, this just confirms how serious it is getting.

In November 2007, Andrew Strom preached in Wisconsin USA on "HOW TO SURVIVE the COMING DEPRESSION". He made clear predictions about when the Recession would turn into a Depression, why it is happening - and what Christians can do in the face of this crisis. -WARNING: This is a very "outspoken" sermon.

There are 2 ways to listen to this audio online:
(1) Click on the following link-

OR (2) Go to Andrew's website and click on the link - 3rd from the top in the center.
Here is the website-

Please pass this on to other Christians who want to "Survive the Depression".

God bless you all.--
Andrew Strom, PO Box 21-904, Henderson, West Auckland 0650, New Zealand.

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